EV Charging

Coming Soon

With GOstrada EV Charging you will be able to register your home or business electric vehicle charging point and make it available for other EV users to use it when you’re not.  For example, most EV car owners will charge their vehicle overnight, leaving it available during the day when you’re at work.

This means that another EV user can book to use your charger if they are in your area during the day – for example, for work or visiting.  This is especially useful for EV users that don’t, or cannot, have a charge point installed at their home.

GOstrada EV Charging will handle all bookings and payments associated with using your charging point for just a small commission.  You set the price and charge point availability – we’ll do the rest.

When commuters are searching for public transport options to get to work and booking tickets, GOstrada can cross-sell your charging point from near their starting point – useful for people that have to travel by car to the bus stop or train station before continuing their journey.