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1. About GOstrada and My Mobile Tickets

Mobile Ticketing refers to a ticket which is downloaded and stored on your mobile phone, either as an application or as an image using SMS and/or the Mobile Internet (sometimes known as the Mobile Web or WAP).

GOstrada is the brand name for this online travel marketplace, and replaces the My Mobile Tickets service and brand name.  The My Mobile Tickets brand and service is owned by Mobile Onboard Limited, however retailers and operators have now made their products available on the GOstrada platform.

This marketplace offers mobile and electronic tickets on behalf of its partners (retailers, transport operator, event organisers, etc).  We are in no way affiliated with our partners other than selling mobile-based tickets or e-tickets and related products on their behalf. We are not responsible for their services, pricing or products and you should contact the partner directly if you have queries regarding any of these.

These tickets are only available from the GOstrada web site, through official GOstrada computer, mobile or SMS applications or from approved point-of-sale locations displaying the GOstrada or My Mobile Tickets logo. You are only able to redeem our tickets if you have a validated GOstrada account and have obtained and paid for the ticket, where appropriate, through the official outlets.

We may modify the terms and conditions relating to the GOstrada service at any time by publishing revised terms and conditions on this site. You agree to accept these terms and conditions, as well as the general terms and conditions relating to the use of the GOstrada web site.

Our partners and retailers may have additional policies, terms and conditions attached to the use of Mobile or Electronic Ticketing. You agree also to abide by such additional policies and terms, which will be published independently by the partner.

2. Conditions of Use

The term “mobile phone” used within these terms relates to any mobile phone, smartphone, Android, iPhone, Blackberry or PDA type device that is able to receive text messages and use the mobile Internet, or connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi, such devices including, but not limited to, iPads, tablets or netbooks containing a mobile SIM card, or tethered to another device that is.

Mobile Device Compatibility

By accepting these terms you confirm that you have a suitable Internet-enabled mobile phone on which you can receive and display these mobile tickets clearly. Such devices will be required to have a modern HTML5-compatible browser and will be required to have Javascript enabled where necessary.

Safekeeping of Tickets

You are responsible for the safekeeping of any mobile ticket issued to you. In the event that the ticket or your mobile phone is lost, damaged or stolen, we may be unable to provide a duplicate or replacement ticket and a new one may have to be purchased. In many circumstances however, you may be able to re-download your ticket using your GOstrada account to the same device, or replacement device, as long as the mobile number associated with the device is the same as it was originally issued to.

Using Your Ticket

Your mobile ticket should be displayed clearly on the mobile phone screen when asked for by the retailer or ticket inspector. The mobile ticket may contain moving images and/or other such animation and this must be clearly visible when displaying the ticket. If the mobile ticket has been corrupt, damaged or is illegible in any way, the ticket becomes invalid and a new one must be purchased or re-downloaded where allowed.

By purchasing a mobile ticket you agree to co-operate fully with the retailer or ticket inspector and hand over your mobile phone for inspection if asked to do so. When using your ticket for travel purposes, for example, it is your responsibility to ensure that the mobile phone is sufficiently charged to display the ticket as many times as required for the duration of your journey (including your origin and at your final destination). You may also need to have a live connection to Internet when accessing your ticket. Our Web app is designed, however, to cache the ticket Web page on devices that support such functionality.

Delivery of Your Ticket

If you use the mobile web app, purchased tickets will be available immediately after paying for it. When you request it to be sent by SMS text message, your mobile ticket should be delivered to your registered mobile phone within 15 minutes of requesting it. If your ticket has not arrived after this time, please contact our  Customer Services Team. We will not be held responsible for delays in delivering your ticket to you account and/or device, for example, due to technical or payment issues. You should allow plenty of time for purchasing and obtaining your ticket before travelling.


You may be required to provide identification to support your mobile ticket. If you are unable to supply this identification, your ticket may not be valid. Your ticket may contain verifiable information, such as your photo, name or security code. Your ticket, however, will not contain personal information such as your mobile number or address, for your security.

3. Payments

You will make a payment to us for the mobile ticket using one of the available methods, which we will process using secure pages. Your payment will be shown as GOstrada on your statement, and we are responsible for the entire transaction.

Payments using credit or debit cards will be processed by a third-party payment processor on our behalf using their secure platform, but we will still be responsible for the overall transaction. All payments are made in accordance with the Payment Card Industry standards (PCI DSS).

Payments using PayPal will be processed by PayPal’s secure platform on our behalf, but we will still be responsible for the overall transaction.

In the event that you raise a Charge Back and/or have a refund issued back to you by your Bank or Financial Institution we reserve the right to cancel the associated mobile ticket with immediate effect. We may also make a one-off administration charge of no more than £25 if, for example, the Charge Back was raised in error.

We do not require the ticket holder to also be the card holder, as we allow ticket purchases to be made on behalf of other people, for example siblings or partners. In these cases, however, the card holder is responsible for the payment and the overall transaction.

We may, from time-to-time, perform a manual or automated technical audit against transactions and issued tickets. If duplicate issued tickets are discovered for a single transaction (for example because of a technical issue with the platform or payment gateway) then we reserve the right to cancel the duplicate ticket without notice and remove it from your account (because it wasn’t paid for) whether or not it is in use. All transactions and cancellations are fully audited for reporting and compliance purposes.

4. Transfer of Tickets and Fraudulent Activity

Transferring or copying mobile tickets to other devices not registered with your account or to third parties is strictly prohibited, as is any other behaviour deliberately carried out to de-fraud GOstradaMy Mobile Tickets or its Retailers and Partners. In the event or suspicion of such activity we reserve the right to terminate your account and to pursue any losses or damages as a result through the civil or criminal courts as appropriate. We use various techniques to detect and identify fraudulent activity, and such activity will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Use of tickets held on your device may not be authorised for use by other people, unless such authorisation is explicitly granted by the retailer in their Terms of Use, or as advertised. If you are unsure please contact the retailer in question.

5. Refunds and Cancellations

Refunds for previously purchased tickets are not normally available, unless explicitly authorised by our partner retailer. You will need to contact the retailer in the first instance to request a refund which will be authorised at their discretion. We will then credit back any funds to your original payment method within 7 working days. Your bank or financial institution may take longer to credit it back to your account. There may also be a pre-notified administration fee deducted from the refund to cover the cost of processing the refund.

In the event of a refund, the mobile ticket in question will be cancelled immediately and will no longer be available to use.

6. Help and Support

If you need help using the GOstrada service then the best way to contact us is by contacting our  Customer Services Team, including your account mobile number, registered email address and the problem you are having.

Support requests are dealt with in order of priority based on the nature of the problem and whilst we endeavour to deal with any issues as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee any such timescales for a response.

We are usually unable to help straightaway over the telephone since many issues need be investigated by our technical team, and using our contact form is usually the fasted way to get issues resolved.

7. Miscellaneous

If you have any questions regarding these terms then please submit them to our support team by contacting our  Customer Services Team.

8. Information About Us

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